Vote for Name of New Weekly Feature on Monday

Hi All,

Following our discussion on the new feature for Monday, it seems that the consensus is to go for travel or inspirational posts. 

Pam’s suggestion that we try each feature for a couple of months is a great idea. So I thought why not go in for the inspirational theme for August-September.

Do tell what name would you like to give the feature. I came up with a few but feel free to suggest any new ones. Do cast your vote first, though. 🙂

As regards what the feature is about, here’s a short brief –

Share anything that’s inspirational.

That’s it, that’s the brief.  It could be an inspirational quote from a famous personality, or a personal anecdote that you think could help inspire others too. It could be something fun, to drive away the post weekend Monday blues, or it could be deep and profound to get others thinking. It’s could be a picture quote or a short fiction based on a true incident or a personal experience. That way the only prompt/theme is that it be inspirational. Rest depends upon you as to how long or short they want the post to be.

The Category and the tag would be created once the name is decided. The feature will start in August.

#discussion, #feedback

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Anyone who I’ve missed tagging is also welcome to join the discussion, please.