Author Story

Khaled Hosseini, an Afghani author and a novelist who has written three books so far is one of the best known author these days. With just three books, he has attained popularity worldwide and much appreciation as well. Though, I’ve read books of other authors as well but his books have been the most captivating reads for me. His books carry a story that is carried on to generations creating suspense and at the same time giving a sense of delight. With every page you can feel the taste of the story getting more and more wonderful. You can almost empathise with the main character or whatever he/ she is going through. There was a detailed description of a scene in ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ where Mariam is made to eat pebbles and is forced to chew them with her teeth by her husband, Rasheed. Then, blood starts to gush out of her mouth but it makes no effect on her husband. He wanted to tell her how the rice that she prepares for him taste like.

Khaled Hosseini is undobtedly a writer of finnesse. There’s a unique way in which he portrays each and every episode and does the detailing and narration that is sometimes spoken in the third person and sometimes by the character itself. The three novels he has written have all been the gems out of all other stories that have been written so far. The first one that he wrote was ‘Kite Runner’ which I’ve still not read but the other two, his second one’A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and the third one’And the mountains echoed’ have been some of the best books I got to read. ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ was so good that I read the novel four times and each time it felt as if I should not be finishing it because once I finish it, I would want to read it again.  ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ is basically a story  based on the life of a simple girl who lives in a small kolba in Herat with her mother whom she calls’Nana’. Mariam is totally innocent. She has no idea what kind of a person her father is but she always believes him and his big stories. She asks him to take her along to the cinema halls he owns, to the big mansion he lives in. For her old and worn out mother, its just Mariam for whom she’s alive and she asks her not to leave her. Mariam does not know how her mother is treated by her father. She does not know why she is called a ‘harami’ by her mother. But, Mariam does not obey her mom and still goes to meet her father. When she comes back, she finds her mother dead and life seems to take a turn in Mariam’s life. She actually comes to know that whatever her mother used to tell her about her father was true. She’s just fifteen when she is married to Rasheed and he takes her to Kabul. She realises that her father only showed her dreams that can never be fulfilled. She realises she was a burden unlike other kids of her father and then we notice the atrocities, the problems that she faces with her husband. Also, the attacks in Kabul during this time have also been highlighted and the problems caused by it. Their neighbour, Laila’s life also becomes intertwined with theirs as she loses her parents in the war. The end unfolds the public execution of Mariam because she has killed her husband while Laila who gets to meet her childhood boyfriend, Tariq is asked by Mariam to leave Kabul. The couple goes to Afghanistan and on the way discover Mariam’s home where they again remember the great person that she is. They also find a letter for her by her father apologising that he sent her so far. The other one I just bought recently and read it. ‘And the mountains echoed’ basically unfolds a story of a brother and a sister Abdullah and Pari who are seperated from each other at an early age during the attack of the Talibans in Kabul. The story is spread among three places:- Kabul, Paris and San Francisco. It generously focusses on the familial ties and the relations spread across. Abdullah and Pari were really close to each other. Abdullah used to tell her stories about the jinns and divs when they were small and Abdullah was the elder one and Pari the younger one. It is after the death of their father, that they’ve to encounter problems. It is after his death that they get seperated. The generations have been shown vividly. Pari’s children, Abdullah’s children. Nila Wahdati’s role in the story. Nila Wahdati who was a poet and whose adopted child is Pari. Nabi who was the older brother of Abdullah and Pari’s stepmother. With each chapter we come to know of something new something more than just a simple brother sister relation.

This makes the books of Khaled Hosseini a must read 🙂