My FB Woes Are Over… Or Just Beginning?

So I fixed my FB page… and if you search on Facebook you can now find both my blog by name and the posts by content. The only trouble is… the only post you will find is the one I posted after I fixed the FB page, ie. yesterday! So there’s the bizarre situation that some of my posts you find only as shared by somebody else – and most of them is still invisible, as far as FB is concerned. What do I do now?

Delete them all and re-post them? That’d be like spamming the handful of followers I’ve got. But to have invisible posts are as good as not having posts at all, right?

Any thoughts? 🙂

My best idea so far is that I delete the all old invisible posts (might as well). And then I have a very selective look at my old stuff and bit by bit re-post the best ones. In the manner of Throwback Thursday, basically.