Is boredom a good enough reason to change?

Hi all, I need your help as it is raining outside and so I am in front of my computer pondering things.

I have two blogs. One is called My Life of a 40 Something and the second It Caught my Eye in Portugal is the one I am pondering on.

It has been a while since I set up the theme for my Portuguese one, and I am not sure I like it anymore. However it could be a simple case of it is raining, and I am uncertain if rain effects and theme boredom are good enough reasons to change my theme!  What do you think?

If you can spare a few moments to visit It Caught my Eye in Portugal I’d welcome your thoughts. I have listed below the one question I’d love you to answer if you . . . .

  1. only began blogging in the last 9months – Is there anything about the Portuguese one you’d be tempted to copy? (ie what should I keep?!)
  2. have a photo blog – Does my home page work for photographs? (what theme do you use?)
  3. are a travel writer – What makes you follow other travel sites? (does mine even tempt you?!)
  4. are a seasoned blogger  – What it is about my Portuguese one that doesn’t work? (ie what one thing would you definitely change if it was yours?!)

Thanks all. Wishing you a peaceful and happy Sunday and week ahead in this uncertain world

#feedback, #help