Caption Contest

Hello lovely people… 🙂

I just thought I remind you of my caption contest: A Take on the Column. (Scroll down on the page past the “service message” to see the picture.)

As some of you might remember I moved my self-hosted blog to two months ago (was it really that long ago?!) and at the time I had to write a forwarding post pointing random readers stumbling on the old site towards the new site. I called the post The Last Post and among other options it included the chance to take part in a caption contest.

I quite forgot about it, truth be told, but it seems to me that it’s time to bring it to a close and declare a winner – and for that I need more entries than what there is at the moment! There’s no prize other than you get a chance to entice readers to your own blog with your witty caption (especially if you’re the winner, I suppose).