Shutterbug Showcase-16th June

The photo prompt for me was,’Through the window’ by @arwen1968.
This will be the prompt for this week, starting from 16th to 22nd June. 
Please publish your post upon the prompt given during this time period on your own blog and leave a link to your post in the comments. I would request everyone to visit the blogs of all the participating members and offer them feedback.

Through the Window
I am not a photographer, and the ones I click are so blurred and bad. I mean, How do photographers click such brilliant pictures?
When I got this prompt I was happy because I had a picture which I had clicked a while ago related to the prompt.IMG_3756
Like I said I am not a photographer, so this picture is a little blurred.

How is it related to the prompt?
I clicked it while I was waiting in traffic in Delhi from inside the window of my car.
While I was waiting I saw this beautiful house on the left, with flowers strewn below.
I was wondering how is this quaint building standing  in the center of Delhi, Cannaught place, yet silent unaffected by the traffic and noise around!

Well we know the rules, 
Whoever does the Thursday photo prompt, will choose the prompt for the week after. So the prompt for the Thursday feature for June 23rd is ‘To The Horizon‘ which will be done by @foodeezjunction.

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