Weekly Word: Retire

According to Merriam-Webster, the origin of the word retire is Middle French retirer, from re- + tirer to draw with it’s first known use in 1533.

While the word was originally used in conjunction with military action, such as to pull back one’s troops, such as was used in 1533: “He had commandit his army to retere abak.”

Now we most often use it to express when someone is leaving one’s employment or office or to withdraw from an activity or sphere of activity.  The other way we tend to use retire is to go to bed or to rest.

It is with this that I am saying that the weekly Word Nerd is retiring, we are putting it to rest.  While it has been fun, and hopefully you have earned a thing or two, this weekly feature has run it’s course.  So, I’m leaving you today with a poem.

Zac Brown sang a tune
that often makes me swoon
about an island and a boat
to make your worries seem remote
it makes me want to retire
and sit by a campfire
with margarita in hand
you’ll find me playing in the sand

Here’s the song that makes me want to retire

Feel free to add your 6 word stories.