Amish Tripathi, Author who made history

To having pick up the habit of reading in late teens, historical authors weren’t really my pick. I was the modern reader, with easier vocabulary and much simpler stories. So when I took up to post a weekly feature. I thought or writing someone I’ve read and have made history, just coz he is alive doesn’t mean he hasn’t made history!!

Amish tripathi, best known for his Shiva Trilogy, gave up his successful banking career of 14 years to publish his the first book of the series. Now that is not something new, there are many authors who gave up their careers for publishing and many quite successful. What differs is that his lack of creative writing all his life, and his openness of acceptance of the fact that he never was creative.

Shiva trilogy is a more human take on mythology of God Shiva. He is portrayed to be human, the story of him before he turned God. Amish was an atheist for a major part of his life, he never took any creative writing classes or ever attempted to write any short stories. Yet he comes out with a book series,that not only takes the country by a tide but also gains immense appreciation.

“Being an Indian, no matter what your interests are you either become an engineer or doctor”

That is so true, it aches a little to realise how much creativity is being crushed in India. He was one the few authors who made it into top 100 authors list. Even after having his entire life in a pretty sorted out state, he pushed all of it away, risked everything and took on to write about a highly prayed God, which could have gone either way. That risk was payed off well. In future it wouldn’t be a wonder to people to learn mythology of Gods from his books more than they would learn from holy books.

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