Tuesday Trivia


Hello Friends!

Fasten your seat belts to know some amazing facts yet again this Tuesday!

I absolutely loved doing research for this post. Hope you find them interesting too:)

  • This one goes for book lovers…or should I say, for all the members of BW 🙂

The National Library of Sweden has a 16th century book that can be read in six different ways. It’s special six fold, back to back binding combines six different devotional texts into one book. The unique book opens in six different directions, each way revealing a different book. Follow the source link below to see the visual of six different ways of opening the book.


Incredible! Our ancestors were definitely more innovative and resourceful!


  • Exciting news for Nature Lovers!!

Trees in Melbourne can get email!

In 2013, as part of Urban Forest Strategy, implemented to combat the steady decline of trees following a 13-year drought, about 77,000 trees in the city of Melbourne were assigned email addresses so that its citizens could report trees that had been vandalised or were in a severe state of decline. But people showered their love for nature by sending thousands of love letters to their favorite trees instead!


  • Something for our brainy souls!

Researchers say that you make decisions more rationally if you think about them in a foreign language. Trying to process a second vocabulary eliminates your immediate emotional instincts. This makes you think more analytically and reduces your need to avoid the possibility of loss.

What are you waiting for? Start learning a new language for better analytical skills!


  • How can I forget animal lovers!

There’s a village in Japan named “Zao Fox Village” which is full of foxes of six different species that run around and play together. It is certainly one of the cutest and liveliest place in Japan. You can check out some cute pictures here.


  • A cuisine for food lovers! If you have an appetite for burger, check this out!

The most expensive burger in the world costs $1768 and is called “Glam burger”. It was prepared by a restaurant in London that took about three weeks to prepare it! It is embellished with gold leaf (Yes! Gold!), lobster and caviar.

If you wish to check out the recipe, click here 🙂


  • Love Honey? Careful! Bees! Bees! 

A swarm of 20,000 bees chased a car for more than 24 hours as their queen was trapped inside.


This is all I have for today.

Which fact did you find most intriguing?