Evidently, I like this word

Evidently – (adverb) obviously; apparently; clearly; without question; clearly; undoubtedly

Origin: 1325-75; Middle English

I picked this word for the day because my friends use it all the time to describe what evident events happen in their disturbing lives. My friend, Robbie, uses it when she talks about the agency that helps her exist: “Evidently, my coordinator forgot to call me about my new schedule!” And my old friend that is the maintenance man for my ex-clients uses it when he talks about their goofy landlord: “Evidently, Stephan hasn’t come by to get the rent from your apartment yet. Sap!”

I really like this word because when people use it, they make me laugh and seem more intelligent than the average population in America (Thank Goodness.)

Evidently, I ain’t awake.

Xara Nahara O’Connor

P.S.: My source is dictionary.com

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