Good day, BW friends.  Sorry if my timing is off for the prompt.  I understand I am to post a new word “the day before” so in my country it is Saturday. I’ll call this practice week.  Anyway here’s the call – the prompt word for Sunday June 5 is CUMBERSOME.

I go first – “Are you carrying cumbersome loads as you hurdle obstacles in life?  Yell, “help!”

Details in a nutshell:  Word: CUMBERSOME     Date: Sunday, June 5       Title should include:  13 Word Story      Where to post:  In your Contact box here on BW    Category:  Sunday Special      Tags:  #13wordsstory, #weekly

Hope I’ve covered the basics correctly.  I’ve counted my words six times; how embarrassing if I miscounted!  Also embarrassing, if no one likes my word!  So come on, You’ll, send me some stories.

I’m  open to being corrected by anybody.  I’m counting on Piyusha @piyushavir or Rashmi @sashay909 to rescue me.