Monthly Update for May 2016

May was an even better month than April. Here’s the lowdown on what happened this month.

We had new members joining us – Suzanne, Hira, Nikki, Megha, Jean, Nena, Anusha. (Go, Girl Power! :P) We’re leaving men behind in blogging too 😀 😀

We had about a 1000+ views and 400+ unique visitors. This month we published a total of 131 posts.

Our biggest and most exciting news this month was the nomination for the Best Blogging Service Award. Please do vote and help your favourite blogging forum win.

Our new feature, Shutterbug Showcase that was voted in April was launched with much success. Some great photos that have been shared already.  Do try and use them for inspiration for your own writing as well. Feel free to share them here.

Our Weekly Features also got a make-over with Kevin joining us for Creative Writing and Dr. Sorick joining us for Tuesday Trivia.

Our Facebook Page is buzzing. We have more than 80 likes already. Please do like and share it if you haven’t already.

Change is the only constant, right? So, we too incorporated some changes (Hopefully for the better!) in the appearance of the forum as well as in some of the rules. It would be a good idea to refresh yourself with them again.

Would again urge everyone to participate more actively by taking up slots for the weekly features and by leaving feedback on other posts before they write their own. Since this is a community, let’s ensure we give as much as we take.

Please do reblog weekly feature posts and share them on FB too. Feel free to invite your friends and fellow bloggers here or on FB.

Happy Writing! Happy Blogging! Have a wonderful month ahead.