Now , that’s a view.

Beach. I know this isn’t a beach , but please agree it is close to the theme “Beach”.

This is an old fort near the coastline of Maharashtra . Konkan, as the coastline is popularly known, is lined with small fishing villages , temples , forts , beaches (of-course) and resort right next to beach! Yes , you can visit beaches anytime of day or (my favorite)  night. Food  is awesome with plenty of fish.

After visiting one such resort , we took a detour to relatively small , neglected place called Gopal Gadh. It is less popular among tourist visiting parts of Konkan. The road to the fort is very narrow and steep and you got to careful to drive.  The fort is built almost on the cliff , overlooking the vast ocean . Sadly,it is in ruins , walls crumbling and the gate was closed. We were disappointed and almost decided to turn back, when noticed some folks coming from what could be behind the fort ..

And that’s when I discovered this view.  The ocean , beach and the panoramic view of area around , sea water crashing against the rock , the gentle humming of birds and the silence. We spent almost all afternoon there , with no one to disturb. It was my most memorable part of the first visit to Konkan.

Back to picture  , I shared this pic because

  1. How awesome it would be to wake up to this view every morning.
  2. Beach , Ocean ..whatever you call it , looks majestic , and is peaceful from any distance you see.
  3. Next time when visiting beach , try to find a spot really , really at a distance from it. Sit back , relax , get your can of beers , a book or camera or whatever suits you and feast your eyes!.


Now I sit back and wait for more beautiful , actual beach pictures, blogs etc etc.

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