Weekly Schedule for June 2016

Nominations now open for the weekly features schedule of weekly features from June 1st – June 30th.

Wednesdays: Authors Who Made History

(Schedule Incharge – Rashmi @sashay909)

Need volunteers for June 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and  29th please. @brendablagdon @ishitarc1908 @jahnavichintakunta @colettebates @myesteriousgirlneerja @whatsandrathinks @jsackmom @myusername432 @srinathtk86 @celiacathlete @booksandothermiracles

Thursdays: Photo Post

(Schedule Incharge – Piyusha @piyushavir)

Need Volunteers to June 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th. @ishitarc1908 @fjjjuneau @darshith0000 @srinathtk86 @myesteriousgirlneerja @myusername432 @whatsandrathinks @anandartist @sashay909 @sasmiths1112 @foodeezjunction and anyone else who may be interested, please do come forward and take up a slot.

Fridays:  3 Quotes , TV Review, Book Review, 100 Words Story

(Schedule Incharge – Piyusha @piyushavir)

Please confirm your availability and preferred dates or feature for the dates of June 10th, 17, 24th

First Friday – 3 Quotations
June 3rd is confirmed for @arwen1968

Second Friday – 100 Words Story – 2 slots.
@niyati16 @whatsandrathinks @jahnavichintakunta @feelings161 @notionlux @iamabloggertoo @srinathtk86 @vnajac @fictionalkevin @sadhanacs

Third Friday – TV Show/Film Review
@drmegsorick has already confirmed for June 17th

Fourth Friday – Book Review
June 25th @meloheart has confirmed already.

Anyone else willing to do them is welcome too. Please nominate yourselves in advance and let us know.

For more information: please check Friday Feature Plan

Saturdays: Creative Writing Tips

(Schedule Incharge – Pam & Dr. Meg @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick)

Need volunteers for June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.  @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick @dalees107 @onetarhayes @feelings161 @xaranahara @neildsilva @srinathtk86 @fictionalkevin

Anyone else willing to do them is welcome too. Please nominate yourselves in advance and let us know.

Sunday: 13 Words Story

I shall share a prompt on Saturdays (Suggestions are welcome) and anyone willing to participate can write a story using that word, within a limit of 13 words. You can post it here as a separate post or on your blog and ping-back or both.

Monday: Words Nerds and Etymology

(Schedule Incharge – Lula @lulaharp. )

The scheduling for this feature has already begun.

Tuesdays: Trivia Tuesday

(Schedule Incharge – Vandana @feelings161)

Need volunteers for June 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th @notionlux @sasmiths1112 @ananyabha @mumbletymuse @myusername432 @beckyaluoch @iamdonovan @celiacathlete


Blogcasts are audio recordings by members. Please check here for previous installments.

Volunteers required for the weekly blogcasts for June 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th. Would you like to participate?

Guest Featured Posts

Guest features are similar to the guest posts you do on other blogs. Please nominate yourself if you want to publish your full-length post here.

Anyone interested in doing any other guest posts.
There is no theme or strict criteria to follow, please feel free to share anything you find interesting and want the members to read. Please tell us in advance if you need guest post slots for this week.  Any volunteers?

Anyone who is not tagged is any of the features is also free to participate and are welcome to nominate themselves. Just let us know what feature you would like to write. Please nominate yourselves at the earliest, so that our month is sorted latest by May 31st. An updated schedule with all confirmed features would be up by June 1st as a ready reckoner.

Just a gentle reminder to :

  • Publish your weekly feature posts at 09:00 hrs GMT, as the forum follows GMT time zone. Please calculate your local time accordingly.
  • Update us at least a day in advance in case you are not able to publish your post, for some reason or if you need to revoke nomination for any weekly feature so that we could find someone else or something else to post.
  • Please check the respective tags for weekly features in the Tag Menu on the right side. Accurate tagging is recommended to ensure your post comes up in the relevant tag search results.
  • While confirming or re-scheduling any weekly feature, please be sure to tag the respective Scheduling Manager/Incharge as well as the Admin.

Thank you for being part of the forum and participating in the weekly features.

Requesting Scheduling Managers to kindly take on from here.
@sashay909 @feelings161 @pamkirst2014 @drmegsorick

Happy Writing and Blogging!

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