Time is looming & shaking

As also would be white sneakers getting scuffed and dirty

Frailties go from occasional to all the time

Evil doers being hunted down and judged

Liars and cheaters losing everything

Blooms of flowers staying such a short time and perish

The feeling of something pushing through you

Callouses worsening from labor

Cables holding you upward giving way

Counties getting smaller and less crowded

Bills piling up

Broiled skin reeks

Bowled over easily

As all, at a back, beginning, becoming, being countless, cordless, ceasing, crying to end the failed attempt of alliteration as an illusion and trap set by time that comes for us to remind us of IT. We feel it give us goosebumps and are eyes start to glow and try to fight what can’t be defeated.


2016 Copyright Paul McAleavey wwwpalfitness.wordpress.com