Prompt for Shutterbug Showcase (Thursday, May 19th)

The prompt for Shutterbug Showcase is being shared below. Please remember to tag your post ‘photopost’ in addition to the other weekly tags. 

The theme or prompt is ‘Water’.

Here’s a picture shared by Susan @arwen1968 in response to the previous prompt – Door/Entrance, and it’s perfect as this week’s photo suggestion. Use this for more ideas of your own.

Ca' d' OroP1020362 reducedShare a picture of any kind of water body, or whatever the word ‘water’ means to you. A fun Sunday afternoon on the beach with friends or a romantic boat ride with your husband? Or even a day spent at the water park? 

Those who are not nominated for that week are also free to participate. Please feel free to share the pics on your blogs and share the direct link (of the post and not of the blog)  directly or via a pingback to this particular post.
The responses for this prompt would be up on Thursday, May 19th. The weekly feature would carry only one member’s photograph. This would have been decided earlier during the nominations for the weekly features.

This week’s response post would be Suzanne’s.

Additionally, members who are not photography hobbyists and would prefer to write instead can use that week’s photograph (or the one above) and share their poems and stories on their blog and ping-back or here as a guest post. Please request a guest post slot in advance.

For additional rules and detailed explanation, please click here.

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