Everyday Inspiration… :(

Help! Help! Yelp!

I signed up for Writing101 – or whatever it was called, actually. 🙂 Now that there’s no common room, they told me to follow the tag Everyday Inspiration to connect with fellow coursers… Fine. And I mean, fine! It works just fine if I click the tag from the e-mail I received: it takes me to the Reader and I can see people doing the assignments.

But it’s tedious going to my e-mail client first, and then find the e-mail with the link, and then be taken to WordPress… every single time! I tried to add everyday-inspiration as a tag to the Reader but I get a lot of posts that… you know, inspirational posts! (I hate reading inspirational posts! Yes, I know, I know, they might just save somebody’s life! Not mine though.)

What am I doing wrong? Why doesn’t the tag work like it does when I follow it from the e-mail? And most importantly, how do I fix it?