Help Stop Crucial Tiger Habitat from being Turned into a Coal Plant

My friends, a Bangladeshi company called the Orion Group wants to build a coal-fired plant in the Sundarbans Reserve Forest: a UNESCO world heritage site and an important part of the Bengal tiger’s range. This would be horrible for the cats, as well as the 1.7 million people who live in the area.

The Orion Group is seeking funding for the project from the U.S. Export-Import Bank, which is a U.S. government agency. To counter this, a petition has been started urging the U.S. Export-Import Bank to refuse to finance this terrible idea.

Click here for more information and for a link to the petition (or use the one above)

You may notice that the text of the petition is geared towards U.S. citizens, but I don’t see any harm in people from outside the U.S. signing it. If anything it will show the U.S. Export-Import Bank that there’s strong international opposition to this project.