Farmers and Conservation Organizations Unite to Create Jaguar-Friendly™ Ecolabel

Hello my friends! I actually released this post three days ago, but I’m just getting around to sharing it here now. I’ve been focusing mostly on non blog-related tasks the past few days.

Anyway, this latest post is about an exciting attempt to harness market forces to benefit jaguars. Farmers and conservationists in Brazil, Colombia, and Costa Rica have agreed to implement a new ecolabel that’s designed to encourage Jaguar-Friendly™ behavior. Agriculturalists agree to leave enough forest cover intact to allow jaguars to move through human-dominated landscapes, and in return they get to market their products under the Jaguar-Friendly™ label. This should make their goods more attractive to socially responsible consumers.

Read more about it here!

Also, I’ve started going through and deleting the comments on my old posts. It turns out I have a lot of old posts, so it might take a while to finish the process. My introductory post alone had 99 comments…