Monthly Update – April 2016

Hello, Dear Writers!

Howdy doodle do? Yes, I’ve gone cuckoo. So now that that’s that, here’s the low-down on what transpired this month. 🙂

April was an amazing month for Blogger’s World. We had a great number of views, shares, contributions and new member subscriptions. There was a lot of love, laughter and learnings.Not only did we have a record number of guest posts this month , we also had multiple participations for each of our weekly features.

I had taken charge as the new Admin on April 1st and thanks to Kristina and Rashmi, the transition had been smooth enough. (except for a few scheduling snafus, which I blame Jadoo for 😛 )

The month had started on a Friday, and Barb very graciously agreed to do the weekly Friday Special first, even though it was very last minute.

Post that weekly features flowed thick and fast, with an interesting post keeping us entertained every day. There were high-value learnings about language and literature, and fun facts and interesting personal anecdotes to read about.

We celebrated Arifa’s @wordscoffeeandlacedresses birthday in the very first week and later Darshith’s @darshith0000 . Later in the month, the stork visited Elena @laikassuvaikais

Many new members signed up for subscriptions and a very warm welcome to them :
Sara @foodeezjunction  Santosh @santoshnc Neil @neildsilva

Our Facebook page is up and gathering a lot of attention. Thanks to your likes and shares. Please continue doing that. 🙂

The appearance of the forum has undergone a few changes as you can see. We’ve tried to make it leaner and easier to load. For this reason, no photos are allowed anywhere except on Weekly Features only. For that too, please use only small sized ones so that they can load quickly.

I would humbly urge all new and old members to actively participate (of course, as and when time permits 🙂 ) You can participate by contributing to weekly features, guest posts, commenting and participating in discussions, sharing of links of your posts.

To share the links of your posts, leave the url of your post (and not the blog) along with a short 2-line description. (We don’t encourage full-length posts here unless it’s a weekly or a guest post) Please visit others posts and leave comments on weekly features, guest posts etc. If not more, try commenting on at least 2 posts below yours, before you publish your own post. That’s a kind deed that would come back to you, in multiple folds.

Let’s spread some love around. We have it in ample doses in our hearts don’t we? (Yup, I was dying to say it like that 😛 Couldn’t help myself 😀 😀 )

Now, to the future – May Confirmed Weekly Schedule is already up and slots are filling up quickly. Please snag one for yourself because we sure want to read what you write.

We’ll be launching our new feature Shutterbug Showcase coming Thursday. Details are already up. Please do participate.

Hope you have a Wonderful May! Happy Blogging!
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