Waterblogged Is Dead… Long Live Waterblogged!

Dear All & Sundry of Bloggers’ World 🙂

I have now officially moved my site to wordpress.com and I think it actually looks all right. In the process, I saved my posts, the comments and (hopefully) most of my followers/subscribers and lost… my statistics, my likes and my google rankings. There are some links that still point to the old site which I will fix bit by bit… On the plus side, I think the site actually looks a bit better and it certainly loads faster!

But it does feel a bit unloved at the moment without a single like on it. 😦

Anyhow, I thought I celebrate its successful set-up with a caption contest and I’m inviting you all to take part (and make feel a bit more loved in the process – selfish, I know).

A Take on the Column

Thanks! And #feedback please on the looks of the new site