New Weekly Feature – Participation Criteria

As you already know, the winning entry for the new weekly feature is Photo Post.

In this feature, a theme would be shared a day or two prior (or maybe a week prior to give you ample time to take new pics) and you would share your photographs (pictures taken earlier that fit the theme are welcome) on your interpretation of that theme.

The weekly feature would carry only one member’s photograph. This would have been decided earlier during the nominations for the weekly features. Each week a new member would be the contributor.
Others are encouraged to participate by  publishing the pictures on their respective blogs and link it back here through a pingback or by sharing the links of their post (and not of the blog)

Additionally, members who are not photography hobbyists and would prefer to write instead can use that week’s photograph and share their poems and stories on their blog and ping-back or here as a guest post. Please request a guest post slot in advance.

Rules –

  • Only those pictures that you have rights over can be shared. Copyright is a huge and scary issue. So no downloaded pictures from anywhere, please.
  • Pictures taken by family or friends are allowed, along with proper mention and due credits.
  • Please feel free to share old pictures if you think it fits the theme or take a new one if you’d like.
  • There is no restriction on the medium or device used for taking a picture. Feel free to use a mobile phone or a telescope if you like. (No hidden cameras please 😛 )
  • If you come across a photograph which you think fits the theme perfectly and you would like to share it here, with the members of this forum, then the below-mentioned process needs to be followed:
    1. Please track down the original source of the picture – website, blog or professional portfolio.
    2. Copy and paste the link here on Bloggers’ World in the comment section of that week’s theme prompt, and not as a separate post. Please share the name of the photographer and also explain why you think that photograph matches that theme.
    3. In the same comment, please clearly state that you are not the photographer and all rights as per original license apply.Yes, it sounds quite a tedious process but is quite simple as well as keeps us all safe from copyright issues.
  •  Only one photograph per contribution. Contributions from two members (on the same day) can be allowed on special request. You may have to pamper me with chocolates and pastries to get me to approve your request.
  • All posts for this feature shall carry the tag photopost, apart from the usual tags that go with all weekly features.
  • If you have any queries, please feel free to ask by tagging the admin as well as the Scheduling Incharge of this feature.

Happy Clicking!

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