I might have dismissed this…

I might have dismissed this wonderful book that my mother practically begged me to read. She saId that I’d love it and I did. My two sisters also could not put it down. We all found it familiar because it’s about a woman who must decide what to do with her beloved family homestead when her parents can no longer look after it. It’s a grand old house on the shores of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, a small city , where both my mother and sister, each lived, several decades apart. The local references were of great delight to us but this memoir would appeal to anyone.

It begins after the protagonist, Plum, moves home to care for her aging mother. She and her siblings have differing opinions of how things should be handled. I’m sure anyone who has family can appreciate and find humour in these family squabbles. The story takes us back to when her parents first met and the decades that follow while they raise their growing family. Plum has many memories to relive and the reader feels connected while following along in this huge estate. It’s a true family saga, rich in drama and laughter. There’s heartbreak and joy throughout this lovely book. I didn’t want it end.

Thanks Mom!

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