Hey YOU!

Yes, you… With the blog and something to say… Do you have a favorite word? We’d love to hear about it. Something you find yourself saying all the time. Does someone say something that drives you bonkers? I have so many friends who hate the word moist. Does it bug you? What is it you enjoy about old English? Or British versus American English. What is you love or hate about slang?

We know you have some words that you love and hate. We want to know about them. So what we need is for YOU to write a post telling us about that word. Tell us a story, tell us anything, write a poem, a limerick, a haiku, and then tell us the definition and the origins of your word.

Does this sound like something familiar? This is our WEEKLY WORD NERD FEATURE ON ETYMOLOGY! 
Short term, I have two dates I need to fill. You can write in advance and “schedule” it to post for you. Or if you are like me, you can post the day of. I need someone May 6 & 30th.

Whether you’d like to do it once or on going is up to you. Please reply with the following information.

Your @name
What date(s) you want & do you want a reminder?
Ongoing or one time
Any questions, thoughts, comments…

Thanks all!