Poll Results for Weekly Feature

Firstly, let me thank all those who voted and helped us reach a decision.
Here’s a bunch of flowers, just for  you as a token of our appreciation. 🙂 20160415_152624Hey! that’s no downloaded pic, okay. Those are real flowers, only for you. 🙂

So, now for the results. Put your hands together for the winner of “Most Voted Feature”

drum roll

Photo Post – Give a theme and members share their photos on their interpretation of that theme

There were a total of drum roll again 17 votes and more than 50% of the population voted for the winning entry, which then won by a whopping margin (no surprises there!) It had shown potential at the start of the tournament and had been steadily climbing the popularity charts ever since the contest was announced. The nearest contender was miles behind at 3 votes. Mercifully, no one got out at duck.

Oh, so you want proof? I see. Okay, here it is.

BW Poll Results

I shall be back after I have figured out the logistics of this. Until then, take care. Be good. Sleep well.

Happy Beserk Day! (Yup, I just made that up)

Wait, did I even vote? Sigh.