Bloggers World Celebrations of 400 years of Shakespeare

April 23rd being the legendary playwright’s 400 death anniversary, let us also celebrate his life and works right here.

Below is a list of events that will run from April 22nd-24th on Bloggers World.

  • April 22nd – Modern Day Tales of Shakespeare

Write a contemporary story with your own interpretation based on your favourite work of Shakespeare. This must be published on your own blog, with the link shared here. Word Limit – 2000 words or less.

  • April 23rd – Poetry in Motion

Share original excerpts of his poems, and write your own take on the same theme. Word Limit – 100.

  • April 23 – Shakespeare and Me

Share a personal story of the impact Shakespeare had on your life.
Did you find your passion for reading after you read or watched one his plays?  Do you have a childhood memory of reading Macbeth? Or did reading    Romeo and Juliet make you believe in love at first sight? Did your grandparents meet and fall in love while rehearsing for A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Word Limit – 200-250.

  • April 24th – Shakespeare and The World’s Stage

All the World’s a Stage, right? So, let’s look at the theatrical and cinematic adaptations of his works. Share your own reviews of movies or plays based on his original works. Word Limit – 500.

Please tag all submissions for this event as #guestfeature and #400yearsofshakespeare.

Do you think this would be fun? Would you be participating?
Any other suggestions are welcome.

Look forward to your feedback and hope for maximum participation. Happy Writing!
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