‘On Vacation’ Notice & Acting Admin – Rashmi

Hi Fellow Members,

I shall be travelling from April 14th – 17th and would have little or no access to Internet. At this time, I would be unable to access WP or Bloggers World.
For this duration, I am handing over the forum to our former admin member – Rashmi Menon. Please feel free to tag her in case you need any help or specific feedback.
It would be highly appreciated if you all could pitch in and help like you always do, by reading and responding to each others’ posts and providing help and feedback to those posts that are tagged so.

Please note that Rashmi would specifically be responding to only those posts that are tagged help, feedback or with her username – @sashay909

Please do remember to post your scheduled weeklies as per the designated dates. The ready reckoner for Tags is still up as a sticky post for your reference.

I would be back online on 18th.

Happy Blogging!