Word of the Week: Exhaust

I think the thing that has surprised me most about being in my 40’s is the sheer exhaustion and strength it takes to recover. Recover from an injury, day out working in the yard, staying out too late, or drinking too much. It exhausts me, and then takes me days, weeks, or months to recover.

There was once the day I would fall and immediately bounce back up. I’d brush myself off and continue on like nothing had happened. Now when I fall, a bruise sets in, followed by aches I’ve never know, and then I am limited by what I can do the next day.

Yesterday I spent a beautiful day in the sun, working at the barn. Scraping railings and painting. Today Coe and I are gimpy and napping all day. We got out for a short walk, but immediately came home for a nap like we hadn’t slept in a week.

Etymology:  Latin exhaust- participial stem of exhaurīre (an obsolete word meaning to draw out or forth.  Exhaust first used in 1540.

The more common definition of exhaust that we are accustomed to was found in 1541:

To use up completely (either a material or immaterial thing); to expend the whole of; to consume entirely

Exhaustion as I am referring to:

The state of being exhausted of strength, energy, etc.; extreme loss of strength.

a1639    H. Wotton Let. in  Reliquiæ Wottonianæ(1672) 334   Great exhaustions cannot be cured with sudden remedies.

Ginger kitty is fully recovered from her injury and is allowed on the patio while I’m home. Not necessarily supervised, but if something happens, at least I know about it. She, Coe and I have spent our Sunday moving from sunny spot to shade, soft chair to the floor, and from one room to another. I really don’t know when this magical transformation took place and I’m honestly too exhausted to ponder it more. Holy moly I’ve used up all the energy I had stored typing this up.

Do you have a 6 word story for exhaustion? I have two for you.

I’m too exhausted to get up.
This is a perfect napping spot.

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