Movie review Room 2015


There’s definitely why this is an Oscar worthy movie. First off it is based off of actual events like many movies of late. The cast was seemingly just right. I read some pretty nasty reviews from some that out right hated the boy who played Jack. I will certainly not be surprised at it winning possibly 2 Oscars. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

The movie revolves around the two main Characters Ma/Joy played by Brie Larson who as expected Won an Oscar and had won  many other awards for this movie and has been an award winner in 2013 as well and she plays a strong mother trapped after being abducted by Old Nick, played by Sean Bridgers, who keeps them locked in a shed and he daily rapes Ma while Jack sleeps in a closet until it is over. Jack, played by Jacob Tremblay is barely noticeable as a boy as he has long hair and comes off a bit boyish. Ma tries to escape before having Jack and she is injured badly and she keeps devising plans to escape to no avail.

 Jack turns 5 and she starts telling him that the world they live in is not real life, TV is not real and he does not want to hear it. Ma comes up with a plan to escape where she pretends Jack died in his sleep after begging Old Nick to take him to the hospital the day before. Jack is given a tooth that fell out of Ma’s mouth and a note. He is rolled up in a rug to be buried. When Old Nick stops, Jack jumps out and is being chased while a neighbor realizes something is wrong and Old Nick takes off in his Red Truck. The police come and Jack tells them enough by his recalling three stops and describes the room with a sky window and the police arrest Old Nick and let Ma out.

Now that they are out and safe Joy is very anxious and wants Jack to start becoming normal. Her parents are divorced since before the abduction and Joy’s mom is dating a man who she grew up with. Her father Robert is played by William H Macy and while relieved he can’t handle being in the house he once lived in with his wife, the reporters, impending court case and refuses to look at Jack at a family dinner and he leaves abruptly. Joy’s mother is Nancy played by Joan Allen and they clash throughout the second half of the movie as Joy blames her mother for not warning her about strangers and being too nice. Jack has an imaginary dog and wishes to  have a real one. As it turns out Nancy’s boyfriend has a dog who he gave to a friend while both Joy and Jack build up their immune system. Leo, played by Tom McCamus finally goes to get his dog after Joy has a panic attack and is hospitalized. Nancy asks Jack if it is OK to cut his hair and at first he says no, does not want to play with toys or interact and he slowly comes out of his shell and plays ball with a neighbor’s son and he asks to have his hair cut to give to Ma as it will give her strength as he holds onto her tooth that gives him strength.

The late stages of the movie have Jack wishing to visit “Room” one last time. Now having been educated about the world, which he goes on a long diatribe before Joy returns from the hospital and they go and see “Room” he is surprised at how small it is. Joy didn’t want to see the place as she is still dealing with PTSD and they were accompanied by the police as it is a crime scene. That is how they ended it. I found it very watchable and the time of 2 hours really flew by.  

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