Nobody Cares. SERIOUSLY

Run WildI turned 21 today (she says, ominously). 21 is the age where you are considered more of an adult. You are no longer a 19-year old teenager, or the in-between-stage of 20.

The closer I have become to turning 21, the more I have been thinking about things that, as you grow older, you stop caring about.

Here is a list of things that, in my opinion, no one could give two hoots about:

  • How you Spend your Friday Night
    Whether you spend it curled up on your sofa with a packet of Doritos and a box set of Friends, or you spend it partying, no one cares. You don’t have to go out all night, just so others will think you are ‘cool’.
  • What Music you Listen to
    When I was in high school, you were a nobody unless you listened to bands like Slipknot and Paramore (which sucked for me as I hate Slipknot aha). At this point in my life, I couldn’t care less what type of music I listen to, and who knows about it.
    If you want to stick on a bit of Westlife and sing your heart out, you do it. Don’t let your pre-notions of teen life stop you.
  • Being Bitter

    When being bitter gets out of hand…

    So your flatmate didn’t listen to the passive-aggressive note you left for her, and ate all your cheese anyway? As you get older, you start to realise that being petty and bitter is of no use. We should forgive and forget, life is too short to hold on to things which make us angry.
    Instead of being bitter, talk, face-to-face, to the person who has offended you. There’s no use in leaving notes and text messages for them.

  • Failing
    Failing is a good thing. Without failure, how are we supposed to know what to avoid, the next time we try again? Consider this quote from John Keats, an English Romantic poet:

    “Don’t be discouraged by failure. It can be a positive experience… the highway to success… every fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterwards carefully avoid”. 

  • What a Celebrity is Doing, What They are Wearing etc
    I’m going to use Kylie Jenner as an example here. Over the past year or so, she has become an icon. Girls want to be her, guys want to be with her. I’m sure we all remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Plumping Challenge (where you place your lips into a shot glass, in the vain hopes that the suction effect will plump up your lips to look like Kylie Jenner’s).
    As you grow older, it does get to a point in life where you think “who the hell bloody cares if you look like a celebrity?!”.
    Every human being is unique; we should be showing our individuality, not coveting after a celebrity.
  • What Others Think About You
    To put it bluntly, not everyone will like you, just like you will not like everyone in your life. This, however, does not mean that you are allowed to behave in a bad way towards them (going back to my earlier point about being bitter). You cannot control their thoughts.
    You should stop obsessing over what other people think of you; do not let them validate your worth. If you truly be yourself, without caring what others think of you, you will quickly realise who your closest friends are.
  • Having a lot of Followers on Instagram (or other social platforms)
    Honestly, it is not the end of the world if you do not have a lot of followers on your online profiles. That has nothing to do with who you are as a person. Besides, wouldn’t you rather have ten followers who actively appreciate your posts, than a thousand who do not?
    You should not use the internet to measure your self-worth. Self-worth comes from inside of you, not from the the popularity of your online profiles.


That’s all from me! Comment below if you know of other things which no one cares about.

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