A Short Story After A Long Time

‘Coz every journey
Holds a story
That can change your destiny

A beautiful girl sat opposite to me. I was on my way to attend an important interview in Thrissur. We started talking. She was very smart with big, beautiful eyes and lovely expressions that I lost myself in her. We were so engrossed in our conversation that I failed to notice my train crossing Thrissur Railway Station. Such was her charm. It was only when I saw the Kochi International Airport through the grills of the train’s window did I realise that I had missed my station. I swallowed hard, pretended as if nothing had happened and smiled sheepishly at her. By then, the train had already reached Aluva and she had to get down there. I lost the job since I could not make it to the interview in time.

But, years later as I tell this story, she is my wife. 🙂

Sometimes, in life…we have to lose to win.

Travel as much as you can, ‘coz every journey holds a story that can change your destiny forever.

I lost that job but won something far more precious… ‪#‎Love‬

-A short story by ‪Srinath Krishnamoorthy‬