Warm Greetings & New Tidings

Warm Greetings, Dear Members!

The mantle has been passed on to me and although it is only the responsibility of being the admin of a blogging forum (and not the position of POTUS) I am quite honoured and anxious at this new role. Honoured because this is a great forum and the Admin team before me has done some stupendous work since its inception. Anxious because this is my very first time doing this and I would be learning as I go along.

(one hand on the Bible, other raised in oath-taking) I take this position quite seriously and would strive to discharge my duties responsibly and as per your expectations. If I falter, please do forgive me after the mandatory rap on the knuckle. 

With that out of the way, here’s a more sensible version of my promises to you. 😛

I do hope to take the forum to newer heights from here and request your assistance in this endeavour. As we all know blogging is a community activity, so is the case with a forum such as this.

Would urge you to please visit the forum more often and read, comment on and share (via Reblog or Share buttons) the posts of other bloggers. The Sharing buttons have been made more visible and prominent for your convenience. 

Please do feel free to share the links of your latest posts here as well for feedback and readership. The process of giving and receiving feedback is what will help us learn and grow as a community.

This would probably be a great opportunity for me to solicit your assistance to make the forum better than ever. Please feel free to share any suggestions, tips and ideas you may have. This could be related to new features, your expectations from a forum as this or even how you can individually contribute and help others. Please do come forward and share your thoughts.

A Facebook page for Bloggers World would also be created soon, which apart from sharing your BW posts, can also be used to share articles and updates that are not available outside of Facebook.

Do spread the word about Bloggers World and invite new members to join us. All they need to do is leave a comment on either this post or provide their WordPress email address. 

Just as a gentle reminder, request you all to use the proper categories and tags as a lot of the recent posts are not reflecting under the relevant categories. It would become difficult for newer members to see recent posts in the respective categories is the tagging isn’t done properly.

As we grow in numbers and new members get added on, it would become even more of a responsibility on our part to help them understand the world of blogging. Please do use the #help and #feedback tag to pull up those posts specifically and provide them with the necessary support.

Look forward to continuing the good work and proving myself worthy of your admin.

Happy Blogging!