Trivia Tuesdayy!

A big Hello to my dear blogging buddies! A happy Tuesday to everyone!

Alright, so coming to the topic…

Did you know?


  1. March 15th is the International Day Against Police Brutality.
  2. The dot over the letter “i” or “j” is called a tittle.
  3. Cocoa beans were once used as a currency! Oh-what?
  4. Ostriches and Zebras have formed a symbiotic relationship. They often live together to protect each other from predators. The ostrich can see better while the Zebra can hear and smell danger better.
  5. Lying flat on your back is your best bet for surviving a falling elevator. And don’t forget to cover your head!
  6. The human brain has the amazing ability to reorganize itself by forming new connections between brain cells. And you can always form new connections. Scientists now believe that every time you learn something new, new connections are created and the structure of the brain changes. So never stop learning!

So, which fact did you find the most interesting?