May I pick your brain (again)

Hai everyone! Hope you are having a great weekend (full of empathy 😉 ).
Last week I was looking for a writer to take over my monthly Netflix Watchlist. I found one 🙂 Such a relief cause I had no idea where to find the time to write it myself. But the watchlist got me thinking… The reason I bound it to Netflix from the beginning was that it gave the opportunity to fish titles from a smaller pond. Does that make sense? Finding 5 great titles based on one theme in Netflix is doable (although the greatness is up for discussion). Finding 5 titles based on one theme among all movies ever made… that’s a challenge. So that’s a plus for keeping the Netflix idea. It makes it more doable for the writer plus less pressure from the actual movie experts.

But…the biggest downside is that Netflix offers different titles in different countries. This completely screws up (pardon my french) the idea of a watchlist for global citizens…

How would you guys delimit the list? Watchlist theme + year? Or Watchlist theme + origin? I don’t know… Idea’s are welcome 🙂

These are last months lists to give you an idea on what I’m babbling about: Women Empowerment & Consumerism