What gives you the “write”?

Finding the inspiration to write.

I’m going to do a three-part series with this subject.  Here’s part one!

New writers, experienced writers, amateur or professional —meaning you actually get paid for this stuff! At some point we all struggle to find something to write about. Even non-fiction writers may wrestle with finding new ways to express themselves so that their writing doesn’t become stale or monotonous. And yet, we do write on! I thought I’d share some of the things that most inspire me when my muse has wandered off to somewhere warm and sunny!


If you know me, you know I love music. I’m am a rock star in my mind! Or a groupie, at a minimum! Ha! Anyway, music can be very inspiring. Think about the music you love, your favorite song. Think about how that song makes you feel when you hear it. There are songs that make me want to dance with joy, weep in misery and every variety of emotion in between. That emotion can be translated into your writing. How– you ask?

One of the things that I love to do is use a song lyric as a writing prompt. A line, phrase or verse can have such deep meaning and can be personal to each listener. A story can arise from pondering what that lyric means to you. Don’t even worry about what the songwriter was thinking. What memory or feelings does it conjure in you? Where were you and who were you with when you first heard that song?

Want to try? Here are a few lines from some of my favorite songs. Try writing a paragraph (or longer, if you really get into it!) that tells a story based on the line.

1) “My uncle has a country place, no one knows about…” – Red Barchetta, by Rush.
2) “If I smile, tell me some bad news, before I laugh and act like a fool…” Behind Blue Eyes, by The Who.

-Don’t like male singers? How about these ladies?

3) “When it’s you I find like ghost in my mind…” – Emmylou, by First Aid Kit. and with that in mind…
4) “It was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well…” – C’est La Vie, by Emmylou Harris.

Don’t like any of these?  Feel free to pick a line from your favorite song.  Go ahead, give it a shot! If you like what you wrote, post it on your blog and put a link in the comments.

I hope you can find some inspiration for your writing by using some of these tips.  Next time:  painting and photography!