Word of the Week: Finagle

One of the things I really enjoy about the word of the week, is doing the research and finding out where these words really come from. Some of the words we have written about here have origins dating as far back 1500’s and older. Very often they way they start out morphs over time and the word as it is used today is no where near what it was.

What popped in my head today to write about was finagle. A fairly modern word, that really hasn’t changed. It is the same as it always has been. Not used too often these days, but a fun sounding word. U.S. in origin, dating back to 1926.

I am not a political rabble-rouser, but I think this is a good word now that we are entering the season of political debates and watching politicians finagle their way to the White House.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary

Etymology: < English dialect fainaigue to cheat.

To use dishonest or devious methods to bring something about; to fiddle. Also trans., to ‘wangle’, to scheme, to get (something) by trickery.


transitive verb
to obtain by indirect or involved means
to obtain by trickery

intransitive verb
to use devious or dishonest methods to achieve one’s ends

What are the chances I can finagle you into writing a poem or a #6wordstory?

I’ll even start you off…

He finagled a kiss from her.
The dog finagled one more biscuit.
She finagled her husband into vacation.

Now your turn. Give it your best shot.

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