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Before going to the movie, I read the reviews and all of them said that the movie was brilliant. Some reviews even advised us to carry our tissues, I did carry mine but I did not get a chance to use them.

Personally, I found the movie over hyped. The movie itself was not great but the story of the girl on whom it is based is great.Neerja_Bhanot_(1963_–_1986)

Neerja Bhanot was a purser for Pan Am, based in Mumbai, India, who was shot while saving passengers from terrorists on board a hijacked Pan Am Flight 73 on 5 September 1986, just 2 days before her 23rd birthday. Awarded the Ashok Chakra posthumously, she became the youngest recipient of India’s highest peacetime military award for bravery.

The movie is based on her but it failed to leave an impact on me.  I do not criticize the movie as a whole as there were a few weak and a few positive points about the movie.

One of the weak points was Sonam Kapoor. Her acting is over rated. She was good, and this was the best acting she has ever done in a movie but she was not brilliant. She tried her best, but somewhere, has failed to portray Neerja well.

I was not able to connect with the suffering of the passengers as well. What the passengers would have gone through in reality is beyond imagination, but in the movie the portrayal of their distress was nowhere close.

Though the script was good, the way the movie effortlessly took us to Neerja’s past was one of the best things about the movie. Yet it only surrounded Sonam (which would have been a good idea had she been a brilliant actor); and the rest of the crew and most of the time the passengers too, are ignored.

The actors who played the terrorists acted better than Sonam herself but at the end of the movie one felt sorry for the terrorists even.

The only thing that was flawless about the movie was Shabana Azmi. She is a brilliant actor. Her portrayal of Neerja’s mother and her plight, is as good and as real as it can be. Her acting nearly brought me to tears.

In the present trend of degrading quality of Indian cinema, Neerja is a good movie and one can surely watch it once. Everybody needs to know how a brave girl of just 23 years of age sacrificed her life and saved her passengers. Don’t wait to get your mind blown by the movie because that might not happen but you would surely marvel at the story of Neerja who was an epitome of bravery.

“Her loyalties to the passengers of the aircraft in distress will forever be a lasting tribute to the finest qualities of the human spirit”.

Ashok Chakra citation

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