Guest Post: 3 Mid-Season Shows You Need To Watch

Sit your butts down and grab your remotes because I’m here to tell you about three very different shows that are fresh to the TV scene but worth a watch!

The first is called Superstore. If you follow me on Twitter (which you should) then you would have seen me tweet a few times about this show. It’s great. It’s a comedy about a bunch of employees who work at a Walmart-like store called Cloud 9. It stars Ugly Betty‘s America Ferrera, Ben Feldman (who is easy on the eyes if ya know what I mean), and an array of other awesome characters.

As if the tagline hasn’t sold you already…

This show was created by Justin Spitzer who was also a writer on The Office, and you can tell as it has a very similar feel. Workplace comedies are great, and I think Superstore can do what The Office couldn’t in terms of relatability. Not everyone can relate to working in an office setting, never mind at a paper company, but so many people have worked in retail at some point, and we’ve all been shopping at the big department stores. Though there are other parallels to the Office, like Dina being essentially a female Dwight, but the show is still hilarious and I’m just glad there is still good humor out there.

This show has a lot potential. The characters are very likable and the humor is top-notch. I made my mother watch an episode with me and she was in tears from laughing so hard. Like I said, I think the department store setting is genius, and I can’t wait to see more customer interactions. I mean, exists for a reason! I also hope we get to know the other employees (not just the ones pictured above).


If you’re looking for a good comedy and enjoyed The Office, then Superstore is the show for you! It airs at 8 on Mondays on NBC (conflicting with Supergirl for me, weirdly enough), so give it a shot!

The second show is called The Magicians, and if you’re a Harry Potter fan then listen up. This show is based of a book series by Lev Grossman and its known for being a Harry Potter and Narnia knock off, and that is definitely translated in the show, but it’s still good. This show is about a nerdy, quiet boy named Quinten who finds his way to a secret magic school called Brakebills in a fantastical world with some real dangers. While this sounds really Potter-esque, the twist is that the students are adults doing their masters, so there’s an adult feel that is appreciated, especially since the Potter generation are all probably adults now.

I didn’t read the books, but I think I might, even though people don’t seem to adore them.

Considering that fantasy is such a popular book genre and Harry Potter has been such a success, I’m surprised that there aren’t more magic TV shows out there. That’s why I was drawn to The Magicians. I love the feel and the grittiness of it, and the magic world.

There’s an interesting parallel between the structured magic that Quinten and Alice are learning and the shady stuff that Quinten’s best friend Julia, who doesn’t get into the school, is doing. And this show has set up some very neat plot twists. That being said, I do think there needs to be more of an explanation as to how this magical world exists and what its limits are and how it works. Perhaps that’s made more clear in the books…

And speaking of the books, apparently there are some significant differences. For one, they’re going from high school to post-grad and Julia is barely a character until later on in the books. Also, Quinten is supposedly really unlikeable in the books, and while I can’t say I love him so far, he’s not that bad. I hope he doesn’t become intolerable because he’s the main character.

The Magicians is the Harry Potter/Narnia adult series you didn’t know you needed in your life, and I’m excited to see where it goes. If sci-fi and magic is up your alley then watch this show!

The last show I’mma mention is not as overlooked as the others. It’s called Legends Of Tomorrow and if you’re a fan of The Flash and Arrow, both DC shows, then you know what this is. But if you don’t, it’s the crossover between the two shows. Side characters from both are taken and are put on a time-travelling team that aims to kill Vandal Savage, an immortal Arrow villain.

At first, I wasn’t going to watch. I don’t watch Arrow, and didn’t really care for any of these characters, even the ones from The Flash. But I read some reviews and decided that I was probably inevitably going to watch it, so I gave it a go, and was pleasantly surprised. The large ensemble cast with a mix of heroes and villains makes for a dynamic team, and I do like teams.

The very interesting characters interacting is very amusing, and look forward to seeing mini-teams form within the main team. I also am excited to watch these guys go about on their hunt across time, as time is such a complicated thing. This show also seems to be a good mix of Arrow‘s darker tones and The Flash‘s lighter ones, which I appreciate.


I do worry about how long this show can go on just chasing the one guy, but I have faith in DC TV.

Ideally I’d love you y’all to try all these shows. They vary in genre so much that I’m sure at least one of them appeals to you a bit, so give it a go! And since they just started last month, there’s not a lot to catch up on!

What other mid-season shows are you enjoying?

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