Could I request the English…

Could I request the English experts and the Authors to do a post on ‘Writing Styles’?
I have come across this term quite frequently and every time it stumps me. I fail to understand what kind of styles are there and how to identify one from the other. Have asked this question a few times (including on Writing201) but the answers haven’t cleared the concept in my mind. One of the Happiness Engineers shared this response and this link – writing styles
I am sharing it here for everyone’s benefit but would also like to know what our in-house experts say.
Also, if someone could shed light on what writing style I have, that would be most helpful.
and should I dabble in other styles? Does being able to write in multiple styles make one a better writer?
Admins – Sorry, this post turned out this long.
@dalees107 @drmegsorick @sashay909 @pamkirst2014 and others too are welcome to join in the discussion, please.
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