New Tuesday Feature is Here!

And the winner is…. drum rolls

Unknown Facts!

We can decide on a different name. If you have any suggestions, please let me know! I’ve had the following suggestions so far from @onetarhayes

  •  “Fun Facts”
  • “Did you Know. . .”
  • “Trivia Abounds”
  • “Click if you Know. . .” and attach poll,
  • “Really Truly?”
  • “Funny Facts.

Vote for your favorite here.

We will need volunteers to help run this feature. You only need to search for some facts and include the original URL where you found them.

To get it started, here are my fun facts for the week:

Did you know Bubble Wrap(TM) was originally designed to be wallpaper? (source)

If you thought Hillary Clinton was the first woman who ran for presidency, you are mistaken, just as I was! The first was actually Victoria Woodhull on April 2, 1872. (source)

Love cats? Wish your kitten would stay little forever? Well consider getting a Singapuras, the smallest cat, who weighs only 4 pounds. (source)

I used to think Titanic and The Tenth Kingdom were long. However, they pale in comparison to the longest movie. At 85 hours long, “The Cure for Insomnia” may just be the most accurate title ever.  (source)

The longest case of hiccups lasted 69 years. Can you imagine how annoying that must have been? Ugh!  (source)

Which fact do you find as the most interesting? Did you know them all prior to today?

If you have other ideas for how you’d like to see this feature run, please let us know!

If you’d like to volunteer to post on February 16th, please let us know!

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