I am a self-confessed word…

Word of the Week: Apt

I am a self-confessed word nerd. I don’t use uncommon words in an attempt to sound smart. I enjoy the English language and the words that we have to choose from. I will admit, I’m apt to use words that will make the average Joe scratch their heard.

Evidently, I use big words even when they aren’t big. Picture this scenario if you will; someone send you an email and invites you to a vague event three weeks away. With our busy lives it’s often hard to know what we are doing tomorrow much less in the future.

This is the exchange that followed:


Since in the reply, Sally (whose name has been changed) asked the right question, I didn’t bother to followup on the second part of her response. I am happy to help you expand your vocabulary. If you don’t understand what I’m saying, I am happy to answer your questions. Very often, here and on my own blog, others will ask about words or phrases native English speakers use that may not be familiar elsewhere.

In this age of technology, I am constantly looking up words when I’m reading. I have a running list of words that pique my interest so that I may write or explore them further. I recently went to the movies and made note of a word that caught my attention so I could look it up once we got out of the theatre. See, I really am a word nerd.

I digress. Back to our word…

Latin in origin, aptus fitted, suited, appropriate, past participle of *apĕre to fasten, attach. Apt dates back as far as 1398 meaning Suited, fitted, adapted (to (obs.) or for a purpose); having the requisite qualifications; fit. A more modern (1677), but by no means a new meaning and the one I often use is inclined, disposed (in a single instance).

Apt is a word I am apt to use often. I’d like to challenge you to use this week’s word in a story, poem, or blog post. I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Please let me know.

I have cross posted this on my site, sorry if you are getting bombarded with this 😉