I Need Two Volunteers Please

Or more. 🙂

Hi everybody,
I need the help of at least two volunteers, please, for testing if a plugin works on my blog. If there are more than two, it’s more likely to be useful as a test but I need at least two.

You don’t have to do much just subscribe to my blog for a couple of days (you don’t have to read it) and tell me if you can see in your Reader when I have posted something. I will let you know here that I have written a post so you can just quickly check your Reader at that point and let me know. One person needs to subscribe directly on my blog using the wordpress follow button and the other needs to subscribe via their Reader.

Here’s why:

As some of you knows, I run a self-hosted blog which is connected to a wordpress.com account via a plugin called Jetpack. I have noticed before that not all functions work properly on Jetpack although they seem to. I have reason to think that the function that allows people to follow me on wordpress.com is not working properly but I have no way of verifying it myself – and I don’t want to hassle Jetpack support unnecessarily (not to mention they couldn’t fix the other function that didn’t work). The problem seems to be this: if you subscribe on my actual blog (on the self-hosted site) using the wordpress follow button there, it works fine but if you subscribe inside wordpress.com in your Reader then I think it doesn’t work, ie. you don’t actually get to see my posts (which is obviously a problem!). Before I can figure out a solution, I need to know if I’m right about what the problem is.

Please let me know if you’re willing to help.

Thanks a lot!