Daily Life in San Francisco

This is my first post to Blogger’s World and I’m honored.

I’ve been physically ill this past week so I have not had a chance to read the other bloggers that post here but I will catch up as soon as I’m feeling stronger.

I volunteered to write the featured post for Tuesday and I am pleased that I can honor that commitment.  This post was one of the first that I published to my blog. People liked it and it serves as a kind of introduction.

My name is Rob Goldstein and I write about many things but my focus is on the right of the people with mental illness to live with dignity and respect, but more than that, with access to the kinds of treatments we need to live our lives as productively as possible.

I live in San Francisco and I love my home town.

San Francisco is a great city for people who like to walk, and when I do I usually carry a camera.

So welcome to Daily Life in San Francisco. I look forward to reading your blogs and appreciate the opportunity to contribute to Blogger’s World.

I’ve lived in San Francisco for most of my life.

The city is dynamic and always changing.

I often say that moving to San Francisco was the best decision I’ve ever made. I think that one of the reasons that I am still alive is that there is an overall generosity of spirit among the people who were born here and who choose to live here. The other way of saying it is to say that the City has a high degree of tolerance for eccentricity.

I live in Hayes Valley and there are at least two parks within walking distance from my house.

The first is Alamo Square Park which was established in 1857.

These Bougainvillea Vines blossom year round and seem to grow wild in certain sections of Alamo Square Park.

I remain clueless about what the name of this flower is. Thank you to the first person who will tell me.  It also looks as if it grows wild.

Golden Gate Park is also close to my house.

Golden Gate Park began in 1861 when San Franciscans decided they wanted a park like Central Park in New York.

This shot was taken in Golden Gate Park in the Spring of 2014.

When I feel ambitious I’ll walk the hills to Pacific Heights to look at the Bay.

This shot of the Bay was taken from Pacific Heights in 2012.

I love graffiti art and its political commentary. There is no better neighborhood for it than San Francisco’s Mission District.  I take my camera out and walk through the “Mission” at least three times a week. There is always a random collage somewhere, like this one on Valencia Street.


Or this public service announcement in Clarion Alley about Lil Sally Slamsalot and using Naloxone (Narcan) to prevent her death from an overdose.

The other thing I love about San Francisco is its sense of humor. It’s everywhere:

There is a hectic beauty to our downtown. This shot was taken at Market Street at Montgomery Avenue.

The last thing I want to say about my home is this: I came here seeking safety, and I found it.

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