A Mom who became an ‘MBA’


Is parenting easy? Is it fun? What does it mean to take care of a child?  I didn’t know what it was till two year back.

Today I want to share my journey from being a naive parent to a Mom who became an ‘MBA’ (? What does it mean? You will come to know)

It all started two years back in India. After working for a decade in the software industry, I had lost the excitement at work. I wanted to do something different. I wanted to pursue my passion in writing, do a part time MBA and learn photography. Around that time, when my husband got an opportunity to move to the United States, I happily agreed to accompany him. While I was planning about following my dreams, I missed one point. One very big point. I had a  4 year old daughter who needed my attention. In India, my Mom used to take care of her while I was at work.  So, I didn’t fully realize that taking care of a child itself will be a full time job.

When we moved to the United states, me and my daughter were alone at home after my husband went to work. We were new to our locality and we didn’t have any friends. At that time, my daughter didn’t even know English to make new friends.  Therefore, she wanted me to be with her throughout the day. If I started working on a laptop, she used to come and sit on my lap. Poor girl, she didn’t know how to pass the time.

I realized that I had to do make my daughter less dependent on me before I could work on my professional goals. That marked the beginning of my new journey as a responsible parent.

In the United States, the first thing every Mom should know is: driving. There is no public transport and so it’s very difficult to always depend on other parents for pick up and drop from school. So,I started to learn car driving. It took a couple of months, a  lot of honking from other drivers and a bit of luck to pass my driving test.

My next task was to teach my daughter English so that she wouldn’t have any problem at her new school. I took membership in the local library. I used to borrow as many as 30 books at a time and started reading to her. Me and my daughter used to snuggle in the bed, and read the books together. We loved this time so much that we read for atleast 2 hours every day: one hour before nap time and one hour before bed time. Further, to help my daughter understand American Accent, we both started watching cartoon shows such as Curious George, Daniel tiger, caillou. We both started speaking in English, even at home. Along with her, I too learned lot of new vocabulary.  All our efforts paid off, when my daughter joined preschool and got adjusted very soon.

In this process of teaching her English, driving her to school and spending most of my time with her, I started loving my daughter even more. Together, we played lot of games such as tic-tac-toe, picture puzzles, scrabble and monopoly. We blew bubbles in the hot afternoons, enjoyed warm evenings in the parks and spent boring winter days baking cakes and cookies.

On her birthday, when I baked a cake,my daughter said ‘You are the best Mom a girl can ever ask for’. Awwww..It was so sweet and I felt I can go to any extent just to hear those words. Tears welled up in my eyes. All I could say was “Anything for you sweetie “. May be my daughter wouldn’t remember any of these when she grows up, but I have countless memorable moments with her and I will cherish all those.

They say that life happens when you least expect it. I never expected that I would enjoy parenting but bonding with my daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me. My daughter became my best buddy.   I love being an ‘MBA’ (Mommy Beyond Anything else).

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