Update: Leopards are NOT Extinct in Egypt

Hello everyone, I have an important update to my last post! After learning that I was not able to obtain the full paper about the recent leopard sighting in Egypt, my friend Muhammad Awais sent it to me.

It turns out that the leopard was killed not out of malice, but because it was attacking some shepherds’ camel. But most importantly, the scientists who investigated the incident believe there are additional leopards in Egypt. Local people told them that they think a small population of the cats live in the southeastern corner of the country, and that additional leopards sometimes cross the border from Sudan.

This is exciting news! Not only is this the first time that a leopard has been confirmed in Egypt in 65 years, but now it seems that Panthera pardus still inhabits this extraordinary nation!

To read my updated post, click here. To learn more about Muhammad Awais, you can read the short biography he wrote for my blog. He also wrote an excellent guest post about human-leopard conflict in Pakistan.