Indigenous Groups Challenge Nicaraguan Mega Canal

Hello everyone,

I have just posted an important news article on my blog. A new super canal, the Nicaraguan Interoceanic Canal, has been in the works for several years. It would be built by a Hong Kong-based company, and it would cut straight through the Central American nation of Nicaragua. This would make it even larger than the Panama Canal.

Since its proposal, the Nicaraguan Ineroceanic Canal has raised several concerns. Many of these center around its environmental impacts, such as the possibility that it could sever important travel routes for threatened species like jaguars. Now Nicaraguan indigenous communities are claiming that they’re being pressured into giving up 263 km² of their territory.

My recent post has more information about these claims:

I also have two posts about how this canal could threaten jaguars, which I have included links to in the above blog.