inserting the read more tag?

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help #resolved not covered in #FAQ also not included in blogging tips feature posts.

I know it’s supposed to be easy to do so I tried inserting the Read More tag

from the icon in the post editor as shown below:


I could see it inserted within my text in the post editor as shown in this next screenshot:


Even though I could see it here, when I previewed the post it didn’t show. I published the post privately to test it, it still didn’t show. I added more text and moved the tag down the page and it still didn’t show. (Copied my draft post to my own blog, can’t make it work there either – trashed the original draft post here). I’d followed the scant instruction to use that icon from the ‘back-end’ – that icon doesn’t appear in the old ‘admin dashboard’ post editor, only in the new post editor.

It’s bugging me now getting stuck with it. Is it a bug in the new post editor or have I missed a crucial step? Does there have to be 750 words before it will work? I’ll hunt out my html notes or read a help article when I can concentrate better(!). Maybe it’s just me … have I missed an instructional post here on how to do this? 

The crucial step I missed was that the ‘Read More’ tag won’t show while in individual post view. To see the shortened post and ‘Continue Reading’ link you need to view your post from the scrolling home page.

I was previously seeing a lot of requests to members to use this feature in longer posts to avoid hogging the screen space in the scrolling home page. It’s maybe not so important while the forum is less busy than a few weeks ago…

Many thanks to Kristina for super-fast solution.