Introducing Guest Author Muhammad Awais

Hello everybody!

There have been so many exciting things happening with my blog lately! Through the voodoo magic of the internet I’ve been able to connect with a graduate student in Pakistan who has done an impressive amount of research on a variety of animals. His current projects involve human-bear and human-leopard conflict, and he’ll be writing the first guest post on The Jaguar. His guest post will be about human-leopard conflict in Pakistan, and it will be released next week.

In order to give people a better sense of who he is, Muhammad has kindly written a brief biography about himself. The bio is now published on my blog, so follow this link to check it out:

I must say, it’s very exciting to connect with real scientists halfway around the world. I’ve been curious about Pakistan’s wildlife ever since the Mountains episode of Planet Earth featured footage of a snow leopard hunting in the Karakoram Mountains.

Here’s the link again: