Guest Post – My Blogging Feature

A few days ago, I was encouraged by @colettebates and @sashay909 to share my blogging feature as a guest post. I think I’ve mentioned my blogging feature here before, but I was invited to do so formally, so here it is!

My blogging feature, which I was decided to create when I took Blogging 101 last July, is a monthly event called (and I got really creative with the title here) Monthly Look Ahead. It’s really simple.

On the last day of each month (give a take a few days for anyone who has other schedules) I make a post in which I just share things I’m looking forward to in the coming month. It was designed to share things, big or small, with readers and create conversations. So one could share something super exciting coming up, like their wedding, or something small, like they have a day off and they’re planning to binge-watch The Office. I do it all in point form and I even made this super cool image that everyone is free to use in their own posts.

Monthly look ahead.pngThe great thing about Monthly Look Ahead is that it works with basically all blog types. There’s no limit to how much or how little one can share and I certainly don’t care what you decide to share as long as you’re excited for it! Heck, anyone who reads my Look Aheads would know that half of what I look forward to are TV shows. But that’s okay, because I’m excited for them!

Another great thing is that the idea is totally adaptable. One blogger that participates once in a while also uses the chance to tell her readers what she’ll be blogging about in the coming month. Had you participated last month, you could have also shared what you’re looking forward to in the year, not just January. So you see how versatile and fun it is.

I provide and use a general outline, and if people do it the same way, that’s coolbeans. If they adapt it, that’s also coolbeans.

So that’s basically it. I’d love for y’all to participate and get the word out about this fun, simple blogging feature. Here are the past two months of my Look Aheads, if you want to see the feature in action. January and December

Thanks for reading and thanks to admins here at Blogger’s World for inviting me to share! 🙂

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