Lady of the Madhouse


A bunch of scared kids neared the end of a darkened corridor, hoping to quickly make an escape to safety.

They had already crossed most part of the lengthy, twisty corridor; having encountered a vicious spider attack, a hungry crocodile who bayed for blood, an angry soldier who chased and almost hacked them to death. They had spotted a concealed door just in time, and had managed to close it on him, even as he banged against it in protest. Heaving a sigh of relief, they had trudged on further, anticipating similar dangers in the abandaoned ruins they were exploring.
The grey-haired woman they had encountered earlier, had warned them of dangers lurking within the dusty, crumby walls.
The woman now appeared again, and was aiming gigantic rocks at them. The children managed to duck only a few of the bricks and rushed forward leaving her behind, even as maniacal laughter rang out in the corridor behind them.

Outside, the attendant sighed and warily watched, yet another excited bunch of giggly kids line up near the entrance of the attraction.

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